This messaging service is intended for companies which are obligated by Commercial Law to present documentation, as well as copies, to their clients prior to withdrawal of goods.

The operation of the service is very simple, generating as many copies of documents as the client requires from the point of origin, which must be signed by the final recipient.

Once the different copies of the document have been signed, TIPSA will return them to the client of origin, along with returned goods, if applicable.

The “Acknowledgement of Collection” service is mainly focused on covering the potential needs of service companies, such as mobile phone and computer companies (repair of terminals and devices), toner recycling companies, and any other type of company dedicated to collecting technical material in any location in Spain.

Servicios adicionales

10 AM

Urgent transport service with delivery before 10:00 in capital cities and major towns.

2 PM

Urgent transport service with delivery before 14:00 in capital cities and major towns.


Economical urgent transport service with delivery in 24 hours (maximum 48 hours) in capital cities and major towns.


Semi-urgent transport service for mass deliveries of campaigns, samples, promotions or similar actions, with a 24 to 72 hour delivery period.


Delivery service to Canary Island destinations, with various service options: Urgent, Freight and MR Marítimo.


Delivery service any destination in the Balearic Islands with various service options: Urgent and Freight.


Urgent 14 / 24 hour delivery service for documentation and packages to locations in Ceuta and Melilla.


24 hour delivery service to the main towns of Portugal. 24-48 hours for other destinations.


Urgent 24 hour delivery service to any town in Andorra.