At TIPSA we have the most advanced technological systems of the sector.

We develop our own tools and communication systems, which facilitate the proper operation of such a large, continuously moving Network. We provide the best technology for the best service.

New Central HUB
The ambition of TIPSA to improve and grow is an active process which leads us to achieve new levels of growth. The opening of our new Central HUB in Madrid in August 2020 allows our consolidation as a major point of reference in urgent transport services. We have the most advanced infrastructure in our country in terms of operating capacity and advanced technological design.

Located on an area of 43,000 m2 and with a main warehouse 22,500 m2, it has a processing flow of up to 32,500 packages per hour, with 160 loading docks for vans and 26 docks for large-tonnage trailers. Its 19 simultaneous unloading lines and more than 300 outlets for boxes, envelopes and other types of packages contribute to this.

Online communication
All our branches are connected in real time through a sophisticated communication system which allows data and incidents to be automated, which is reflected in accessible, accurate information.

Classification belt
Our classification belts have a double distribution process: one for envelopes and another for packages. The whole process is carried out through arc scanners and precision scanners, achieving full accuracy in calculation of weights and volumes of all goods.

GPRS technology
Our delivery drivers have GPRS technology, on PDA devices. This system allows the management of shipments to be improved and the proper processing of data on delivery and incidents.

This tool guarantees full availability of information for clients, who today control their deliveries online through the Delivery Monitoring system, which allows their status to be consulted at any time and from any place, through our website.

This is an added value service for all your urgent package and messaging needs.

Monitoring of deliveries
Clients can find the real situation of their deliveries through the online monitoring system. Through an access code, the delivery status of the goods can be found, also allowing the scanned delivery note to be viewed.

By entering a personalised password, our clients can:

  • Search for deliveries day to day.
  • Obtain a detailed list of each one.
  • Check the real status of the delivery.
  • View the image of the POD (scanned delivery note) for deliveries which have been completed.

Electronic commerce application
This tool offers added value for businesses which carry out their business through electronic commerce. TIPSA has created a special application to facilitate the monitoring of products that businesses send their clients.

The mechanism is very simple. Businesses which have a website for selling their products can integrate a direct link from the TIPSA delivery monitoring page.

In this way, the company can offer all its clients who have purchased a product on the website the possibility of consulting the real situation of each one of their orders simply by entering a reference code. If the package has been delivered, the client will also be able to download the POD or proof of delivery without needing to leave the page.

This reference code is automatically provided to the client by the business at the time of making the purchase on the website, and in parallel the code is sent to the TIPSA central system, which will allow the identification and traceability of the delivery.

Shipping labels generated by the client
TIPSA has created an application through which the client can record their deliveries from their own business. This resource allows the client to save time, eliminate errors and provides greater automation in control of deliveries.

The branch will be able to scan the deliveries at its facilities through a small barcode accompanying each package, previously printed by the client using nay format or printer, with all delivery data automatically appearing on the system, printing the final label.

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