Quality is the result of a company philosophy and a clear orientation toward the needs of our clients.

We have highly professional work procedures and systems. This technology, combined with the use of resources which are appropriate and scaled to the transport, distribution and classification structures, result in greater efficacy and control.

The commitment to continuous reinvestment in the service is reflected by high indicators in all parameters associated with deliveries and the management of the whole information process.

Certified quality
TIPSA has been one of the first companies in the sector to have four seals which guarantee the quality of all our processes (ISO 9001), environmental respect and commitment (ISO 14001), strict compliance with occupational safety regulations (ISO 45001) and good practice in pharmaceutical distribution (GDPs.

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At TIPSA we work as a team. Our specialisation in urgent transport allows us to send an envelope or a delivery or 10 packages with the same guarantee. To achieve this, over 2,500 professionals ensure the quality of each delivery every day.

Quality evaluation and analysis
At TIPSA we carry out exhaustive controls on quality, keeping all systems and technical procedures updated so as to guarantee optimal service, identifying the needs of our clients.

Clear accounts
All invoices issued by TIPSA contain the necessary data so that our clients can easily check their list of deliveries with those that have been carried out and invoiced.

The invoice and the delivery note always specify: the origin, the destination, the date and time of delivery, the seal and signature of the recipient, the number of packages, weight, and other services.

Information transparency
The whole TIPSA structure, as well as its production activity and internal organisation, is oriented toward offering the client optimal service.

To achieve this, we have designed a series of operations aimed at achieving full information transparency for the client, as is the case for online monitoring of deliveries, and fully detailed invoicing for each service carried out.

Internal Security
At TIPSA we are committed to the security of all our deliveries, and since 2007 we have had a department registered in the Private Security Unit of the National Police, which currently has a Security director and several regional delegates.

Through this department, potential risks are analysed, and measures are implemented to guarantee the integrity of deliveries. With this ideal, our installations have latest generation CCTV systems which register all operating processes, which in turn allows us to detect any incident and rectify it in the shortest time possible.

The effectiveness of these systems extends throughout the transport process with the implementation of:

  • GPS location systems in our transport vehicles and operations with seals to guarantee the security of the goods during transport between our HUBS and agencies.
  • Anti-drill security lock devices on our last mile delivery vehicles, as an additional measure against external theft.
  • Deliveries with PDA which allow, through geolocation, the point where the delivered status of the deliveries is marked to be determined.
  • Integration of security systems with automatic classification belts at our HUBS, in order to facilitate identification of packages.
  • Facial recognition, fingerprint and registration recognition access control to monitor the personnel who access our installations.

All of this effort has allowed the best management of the internal processes of our company, which allows us to offer our clients maximum control, security and speed in their package and message deliveries.

Thanks to the use of this technology and the effort of the whole TIPSA Family, the agencies of our Network can monitor their mobile assets 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

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