Urgent transport solution for the pharmaceutical industry and related sectors. Delivery with controlled temperature <25° in strict compliance with GDP regulations.

Our farma agencies of our Network have equipment or areas for maintaining the temperature 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, and we have adapted vehicles and vans to maintain the temperature between 10º and 25º.

We have a continuous registration and reporting system which guarantees the optimal control of the temperature.

Other Farma Services

TIPSA Farma 2°-8°

With the use of COOL CHAIN ORCA refrigerated containers, we collect and deliver maintaining a controlled temperature between 2º and 8º throughout the logistics process, with 100% monitoring, temperature graphs and daily traceability available to the client.

TIPSA Farma Home Delivery

Adapted solutions for home delivery with special monitoring for chronic patients.

* Contact your agency for the availability of these services.

Proud to be part of the solution. TIPSA transports the vaccines against the coronavirus

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