We move your ecommerce.

Specialised delivery service throughout Spain for the B2C domain. Total integration with leading platforms, notifications, alerts, convenience points, reverse logistics, etc.

360º eCOMMERCE is adapted to the needs of each electronic business, with customised solutions.

From your first idea about what your business will be, to the last mile, when the product is delivered to the end client, we will accompany you throughout the process. With competitive prices and maintaining all added value that makes TIPSA leader in the sector.

Added value services


Designed to cover all ecommerce needs:

  • Next day delivery, including 3 delivery attempts.
  • Possibility of delivery before 10:00 and on Saturdays.
  • Management of returns, exchanges and payment on delivery.
  • Sending of free monitoring emails and SMS.
  • National and international coverage.
  • Technological integration based on your needs.


More economical service with delivery in 24/48 hours:

  • Delivery in 24/48 hours, including 2 delivery attempts.
  • Management of returns, exchanges and payment on delivery.
  • Sending of free monitoring emails and SMS.
  • National and international coverage.
  • Technological integration based on your needs.


Predefined messages by email and/or SMS. The exclusive TIPSA formula applied to deliveries and collections.

Collection points

Urgent transport service with delivery to over 45,000 collection points throughout Europe and over 2,500 points in Spain.

  • Location in strategic areas (high commercial density, road networks, public stations, etc.).
  • Use of high precision geo-marketing tools for creating new points.

Comprehensive logistics

We offer integration on your website, storage solutions, stock control, management of your deliveries, customised packaging, reverse logistics, dropshipping and much more...

Logística Integral




If you do not yet have an ecommerce website, we will help you create it. We have modules for integrating our tools with websites created on Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Wordpress and Sopify. 

We can offer you access to web-service tools for businesses with complex management or simple options for management of documentation and monitoring of your deliveries. We adapt to your needs and provide you the integration that you need based on your case and volume.

Basic Integration: Manage your documentation from tip-sa.net, receive order monitoring links to show your clients and access information on your deliveries.

Integration with Module on your ecommerce: Automate all documentation processes for delivery and update the information you show your client in real time, with no effort on your part.

Customised integration for your ecommerce: If your case or volume requires it, we will develop and implement the technical solution best suited to your needs.

Additional services


Delivery with management of payment at the destination for the established value against delivery of the goods.


Adapted solutions for storage, handling and management of goods. Consult branches available.


Delivery service with order for simultaneous collection of goods to return to origin.


Service for delivery to a TIPSA branch, with collection or delivery of goods by a recipient authorised by the client.


Special delivery service on Saturdays within the Peninsula.


Urgent transport service for anywhere in the world with specialised delivery options.


Delivery collection service with over 75,000 points throughout Europe and a network of over 3,500 points in Spain. Convenience, security and speed for recipients.


Urgent service with request for collection to return to origin.